Best 5 Video Interview Platforms for a Modern Recruiting Toolkit in 2024

If you’re a business owner or engaged in human resources, you’ve probably felt the tough job of conducting interviews. Traditional methods aren’t enough now, particularly with the increasing prevalence of remote work and the imperative to engage with a global talent pool. This is where video interview platforms prove invaluable, providing a more streamlined and enhanced approach to interview processes. But, picking the best platform could be challenging, as so many are available. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best video interview platforms to make your recruitment process smoother and more successful.

What Makes a Video Interview Platform Useful?

If you’re still stuck with traditional interview methods, it’s time to upgrade. The old ways consume time, strain your budget, and lack efficiency. Best video interview platforms simplify the interview process, making it much more efficient. They bring in the flexibility to schedule interviews, reduce travel expenses, and save time.

How do you choose the best video interview platform?

Choosing the best video interview intelligence platform is crucial for optimizing your recruitment process. Here is what you should consider:

Assess Your Organization’s Needs and Goals

Begin by thoroughly evaluating your organization’s specific needs and overarching goals within the context of your recruitment strategy. Clarify the objectives you aim to achieve by implementing the best video interview platform.

Explore Features and Functionalities

Delve into the features and functionalities offered by various interview as a service companies, considering the unique requirements of your hiring process. Identify critical features that align with your organization’s goals and preferences.

Consider Scalability and Compatibility

Evaluate the scalability and compatibility of each platform with your existing systems and workflows. Ensure seamless integration to avoid disruptions to your current operations.

Read Reviews and Gather Feedback:

Gain insights by reading reviews and collecting feedback from other users who have experience with different platforms. This step provides a practical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

Request Demos and Trial Periods

Take advantage of the opportunity to request demos and trial periods from potential platforms. This hands-on experience allows you to evaluate the user interface, functionalities, and overall user experience firsthand.

Analyze Pricing Structure

Carefully analyze the pricing structure of each platform, considering any additional costs or features that might impact overall affordability in the long run.

Evaluate Customer Support and Training

Evaluate the extent of customer support and training offered by each platform. A robust support system and accessible training resources can facilitate a smooth implementation.

What are the Best 5 Video Interview Platforms?

Here’s a list of 5 best video interview platforms currently dominating the market. Select the one that corresponds to your particular needs and criteria:


BarRaiser is the best video interview platform, offering structured evaluations for data-driven and unbiased recruiting decisions. It employs intelligent technology to guide interviews, ensuring quality checks throughout the process. Notable features include a video tagging tool for easy navigation, interviewer and recruiter training, comprehensive feedback and evaluation reports analyzing over 200 data points, and a team of interview experts. With thousands of interview templates, auto-scheduling capabilities, structured interviews, debriefs, and AI-backed analytics, BarRaiser is gaining popularity for its quick, fair, transparent, and efficient interviews, especially among tech firms.


HireVue is another best video interview platform providing extensive, data-driven solutions for the hiring process. Its industry-wide offerings include automated interview scheduling, candidate assessments, and predictive analytics, making it a robust choice for organizations seeking advanced recruitment technology.

Spark Hire

Known for its user-friendly, SparkHire provides both pre-recorded and live video interview options, catering to the convenience of recruiters. A notable feature is its one-way video interviews, allowing candidates to respond to pre-recorded questions at their own pace, adding a layer of flexibility and convenience to the interview process.


VidCruiter emerges as a comprehensive end-to-end hiring solutions platform, offering various features such as panel interviews, one-way video interviews, and live interviews. Designed to streamline the hiring process, VidCruiter provides versatile video interviewing software suitable for organizations of varying sizes and complexity.


Talview distinguishes itself with an AI-powered platform that actively mitigates bias by providing intelligent insights for data-driven decision-making in the hiring process. Beyond video interviews, Talview offers proctoring solutions, revolutionizing how organizations screen, interview, and assess candidates. Recognized for its budget-friendly approach, Talview is an excellent choice for organizations seeking affordability without compromising on powerful recruitment tools.


Video interview platforms are no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have for recruiters. To ensure interviews are effective and seamless, the key is to pick the right video interview platform that aligns with your business needs. 

Whether you’re searching for AI-driven assessments, the ability to customize your brand, or seamless integration with other recruiting tools, there’s a video interview intelligence tool designed to cater to your specific requirements. 

Embracing the best video interview platform streamlines the hiring process and empowers recruiters with the necessary tools to make well-informed and efficient decisions in today’s fiercely competitive talent landscape.

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