Link Between Obesity and Lower Back Pain: Effective Treatment Solutions

In this modern society, obesity has become the most common issue that affects most individuals. Every pound of body weight you gain causes several health issues, and the most common one is back pain. Gaining extra pounds adds stress to the lower back, resulting in pain and discomfort. Many people try various therapies for their lower back pain treatment, but nothing will help if they do not keep their weight in check.

Let us understand how obesity directly affects your back and causes back pain and different lower back pain treatment methods for relief.

Affect Of Obesity On Back

●    Increased Pressure on Back

As you gain weight, every extra pound adds pressure to your back every time you take a step. Excessive stress on the spine and its supporting muscles leads to degeneration in spinal tissues. As the condition becomes worse, the person may suffer from herniated discs or spinal osteoarthritis. Worsening the condition may result in severe lower back pain and pinched nerves

●    Altered Spine Alignment

The excessive weight building around the stomach may result in altered spinal alignment. To balance the extra belly weight, the spine adjusts its position, putting stress on the lower back. Poor posture causes back pain due to muscle strain and spasms.

●    Increased Inflammation

As the fat increases in the body, several biochemicals and hormones are released that increase inflammation. Obesity results in storing additional fat in the body, which increases the level of inflammation-causing biochemicals.

5 Strategies for Weight Loss to Aid Lower Back Pain Treatment

Weight loss can significantly alleviate your back discomfort. Below are a few tips that will help you lose weight and enhance the effectiveness of your lower back pain treatment.

1.   Stay Active

Staying active and exercising regularly is the solution to many health issues, including back pain. Avoid sitting for a long time and keep walking, even in your home’s living room. Walk at the park or jog around the house to stay active and healthy.

2.   Opt For Smaller Plates

According to the experts, using smaller plates and counting your calories leads to weight loss.

3.   Keep the correct posture.

Incorrect posture while sitting, standing, or sleeping is the primary cause of neck and back pain. Many people don’t even notice that they are slouching while caring for things incorrectly. Maintain proper posture while sleeping or getting up from the chair to avoid neck or back pain.

4.   Explore Water Therapy

Water therapy can be complex, depending on the activity you opt for. You can choose easy activities like jogging, weightlifting, or swimming in a pool. For more complex activities, you can try an underwater treadmill under the guidance of experts.

5.   Embrace a Healthier Diet

Stop eating unhealthy foods that may lead to unnecessary weight gain. Get help from your healthcare provider for a healthy diet plan and follow it to maintain a healthy weight.

Final Thoughts

Lower back pain can be exhausting and hinder daily activities. It may become severe if you do not get the correct assistance for treatment on time. Seek help from spine specialists at renowned healthcare centers, including ANSSI Wellness, and get the best aid for your back pain.

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