Why is the current CSK share price in the Apple stock market?

You have come to the right place to know if buying at the current CSK share price gives returns like Apple, which is listed on NASDAQ. Though Apple was listed in 1980, it only gave over 7,390% with an annual compounding return of 28.7 % after the launching of the iPhone in 2007. Anyone who invested 15,000 dollars in Apple would have made 1.1 million dollars today. 

So, if you want to know if the CSK unlisted share price will give such high returns as Apple in the future, read this blog until the end. 

What is the current Chennai Super Kings share price?

Before knowing the current CSK stock price will perform like Apple in the short or long term, it is essential to understand its current price in the grey market. With the thrilling and spectacular fifth win in the IPL season 2023, CSK has come to the limelight for sports lovers and investors as the first sports unicorn to be worth over 1 billion dollars in 2022. That made the CSK share price reach its 52-week high of Rs. 277 in October 2022 after it hit 52 weeks low of Rs. 158 in January 2022.  It is now trading at around Rs. 210, and with the IPL season underway, it is the right time to buy at the current Chennai Super Kings share price to yield high returns. 

Why could CSK be an Apple of the Indian stock market?

CSK’s unlisted share price was trading around Rs. Fifty during the early months of 2014, and after ten years, it now trades at Rs. 210 in 2024.  It is almost over 300% return for investors to make huge profits and more if sold earlier, around 270, which would have been over 400%.  But if you are still holding CSK stock, it is a hidden treasure that will give windfall profits in the future.  It is because the CSK team holds the third position in the current IPL season 2024 and has more chances of winning the cup again. This is not only because CSK is performing well but also on financial grounds, as its revenue and profit is increasing every year.  The spectacular financial results for FY 23 increased the PAT or profit after tax by 65%, corresponding to FY 22 from Rs. 31.5 to 52.5 crores.  Also, as per the Hindu reports, CSK brand value has seen a sharp rise of 80% from 1.8 to 3.2 billion dollars from 2022 to 2023. Also, with expectations to come with an IPO, the CSK share price NSE and BSE could give huge returns. 


The above facts will convince you that buying the current CSK share price could yield returns like the Apple share. Buy it from a reputed broker to make it not only a wise investment but also a safe one. If you are interested in investing in CSK pre-IPO unlisted shares, visit Stockify, a reliable platform to buy and sell unlisted shares.

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