A Simple Guide To Understanding Charger Sockets And Switches Fundamentals


Have you ever wondered how a phone gets recharged when you plug it into a charger socket? For example, are you aware that there are many types of sockets and switches, or do you know that? Despite charging sockets and switches may not seem exceptional, they have a significant role in ensuring that our devices are fully charged but safe. Being aware of how it functions and preventing accidents by taking preventive measures, we ensure that we have a Safe electricity system at home. Indo-Asian surely brings you to the latest technology in the electrical world. Next, let’s briefly reveal the mystery of these.

What are Charger Sockets?

Charger outlets are one of the important things to install in the house. They are the channels of getting electricity for your gadgets. The charger socket is precise enough that the wires would not tangle even when the phone is charging.

They possess a multitude of shapes and sizes, while 3-pin sockets are quite popular. This socket has three holes to connect to the three pins on your charger pin. 

Understanding the 3-Pin Socket

The 3-pin socket, like the door, leads the main current of power from the electricity grid into your house. It has three holes: two little and one big. Another bigger gap in the Earth terminal in the prevention of electrical shocks is the function.

The other two small ones are the Live and Neutral terminals, the two lines that carry electricity. The 3-pin socket covers appliance connectivity, making your daily tasks more convenient.

What is the 6A Switch?

Have you ever wondered what the small knob under the outlet is for? It is a 6A switch called a miniature circuit breaker or MCB.

6A Switch is convenient as it guarantees the constant function of the power supply. Also, it is safe. The plug controls the electrical current entering the outlet. Each time you turn off the switch, the flow of electricity stops.

How Does 6A Switch Work?

The 6A switch is like a door guard who opens the gate. It’s what keeps the power going to your devices when it’s turned on. In particular, if there is a problem with the circuit such as a short circuit or overload, the breaker will be tripped off immediately to ensure that there are no damages or losses in the circuit.


To sum up, we specialize in offering comprehensive solutions for your electrical needs. We concentrate on ease of use and safety. We will tap into the simplicity of your power management and give you reliable connectivity and the most efficient charging solutions. Our commitment to quality makes sure that the solutions have all the features to aid you in your office, home and any other place you may be found. We will provide the best wiring solution to ensure safe and easy electrical connections that are implemented with efficiency and simplicity.

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